Cycling, also called Bicycling or Biking, is the most efficient method of movement for any living thing. Cycling is not just a sport, for many it is a mode of transportation. Cycling to work or school is a great way to stay in shape, save money on gas and parking, and benefit the environment.

Types of CyclingEdit

There are several different types of bikes and cyclists:

  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Hybrid bike
  • BMX


  • Long ride - A long moderate ride, good for improving endurance, normally run once a week.
  • Easy ride - Nice easy ride, enjoy the scenery.
  • Time trial - Warm up, then bike a set distance at race pace, time yourself.
  • Intervals - Alternate between sprinting and easy cycling, set distance.
  • Pyramids - Intervals that increase in distance then decrease.
  • Hills - Bike up the hill, easy down.


Bike races are normally done in teams. Drafting another cyclist has a major impact on speed and effort, so bike teams normally try to position their top sprinter for the last segment of the race by allowing them to draft for most of the race. Bike races are normally a cat and mouse game of cyclists pushing the pack, and then falling back or breaking away.

There are also time trials races that do not allow drafting.

A tour is a common multi stage bike races, such as the Tour de France.

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