A drug is any substance that, when absorbed into the body, changes normal bodily function. In pharmacology, it is“a chemical substance used in the treatment, diagnosis, cure, or prevention of disease or otherwise it is used to augment physical or mental well-being”. Drugs may be prescribed for a limited duration or on a regular basis for chronic disorders. There are also some drugs that can cause habituation and addiction. Drugs can be managed in a number of ways whether it’s recreational or medicinal one by means of technical examination of whether urine, sweat,blood, oral fluid, or even hair samples. This is referred to as drug test or drug screening. It determines the presence neither the absence of specified drugs nor even their metabolized traces.

Different Types of Drug Test Edit

There are primary types of drug tests: urine, blood, hair, saliva and sweat. The most common is the urine test which has the benefit of being inexpensive and less intrusive than the blood test.

  • Urine Tests
  • Saliva Tests / Oral fluid-based drug screen
  • Hair Tests
  • Blood Tests
  • Sweat (Patch) Tests
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