A Gymnasium, also known as a Gym, is a covered location for gymnastics, athletics, and gymnastic services. The word is derived from the ancient Greek gymnasium.


Gyms to recommend in cities around the world.Edit

Finding the Right Gym for You.Edit

The gym, this is the actual place where you will be completing the “working out” process. But when someone new to working out or even an area is looking to join a specific gym, how do they know which one to choose? The closest to their home? The cheapest? The best smelling? The best way to decide on what gym you should obtain a membership to is to keep two key things in mind, what your monthly allowance that will go towards strictly the gym fees each month is and what your health goal is (Trying to strictly burn fat/ lose weight, trying to gain muscle, or both). Once you have a list of gyms within your price range (and you are willing to drive/walk to every time your workout plan demands) it is time to assess the equipment. This is essential because you need to get the most for your money and be able to complete your whole workout in the gym you are paying for! If you are just trying to burn fat/lose weight, the gym needs to have a variety of cardio machines (if a pool or track is included that is always a plus). If you are just trying to gain muscle it will be essential for the gym to have a variety of weighted machines that target the different muscle groups along with free weights (including dumbbells, barbells, seats, benches, and racks). Lastly, if your health goal is to burn fat/ lose weight while gaining muscle you will need a combination of the first two gyms. While it will be important to have the cardio machines where most of your calorie burning will take place, the weights and weighted machines will be necessary in order to sculpt your muscles.

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